Jun 6, 2010

Dean Guitars - "Gathedral" Stained Glass Razorback

I love guitars and this is just SICK!!!! Dean Guitars has just come up with a glass stained guitar... Yes, it's made of actual glass, it "lights up from the inside with the push of the tone knob. It is truly a beautiful piece of art".

It's a one of a kind piece of awesomeness made for Saturday Night Live alum, Jimmy Fallon. It took 6 months to be made. Yvonne de Villiers, former stained glass artist built the glass panel of the beautifiul "Gathedral" .

 Glass cut & set on pattern on the light table (before foiling and soldering)

Glass (after foiling but before soldering) set into wood form  

Technical stuff:

" Yvonne used "dichroic glass" for the rainbow-looking curved sections. Dichroic glass is created by a highly technical vacuum deposition process whereby multiple micro-thin layers of metal oxides, quartz crystals and others are vaporized with an electron beam gun mounted at the bottom of an airless vacuum chamber. This produces a "interference filter" that creates the varied colors we see, similar to what happens when viewing hummingbird or peacock feathers. To my knowledge, this is the first fully functional stained glass guitar created!!!"

Detailed view of the "Gathedral"

I wish I had it too! Soooo cuteeee***
Love, Susie*

Source / Dean Guitars

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