Jun 4, 2010

Heandbanging friday - pick of the week

Today I decided to start a new tradition in my awesome new Twitter account:  the Headbaging friday - pick of the week, where I'll recommend an awesome band every week.

The first band I chose - tan -  tan - tan-  is

WDNFRA (Woodenfra) from Montreal

Mat and  Fred started playing back in October 2006, in their dad's basement. According to their official bio:
" Fred started to play drums the very first day the band was created. Jo joined the band a few weeks later, to complete on base guitar. They were no specific goals at the beginning of WDNFRA but they badly wanted a first gig so they would practice for weeks almost everyday to get ready. The first show took place in Montréal, February 24th, at cafe l'inco".

Currently the band is formed by: Mat, Boud, Jo and Fred; and have played in places like Mexico. The thing that really got me about their sound is that they are willing to kick your ass in 5 seconds. The songs published in their Myspace probably aren't as brutal as the feeling you get with their live sound... and that's the thing I love about these guys. 

Check it out:

Watch the people in Mexico go crazy here:

Go visit them:


Love y besos, Susie* 

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