Jun 13, 2010

Oslo - a BLACK METAL... animated comedy

When I found this online I was like a little girl in a candy store.
It's a flash animated series created by Shawn Baybo. According to the official info:

"In Oslo, North Dakota, dwells the grimmest, necro, most frostbitten and worst band in the world. Infernal Nightfall Mysteria

Mayhem, and Deth live their lives existing as Black Metal cliches. Stuck with everyone thinking they're a KISS cover band, but believing they are the world's best black metal band.

If you love Dethklok there is a huge chance you might dig this! It's filled  of band references and black metal jokes.
^_^ Cute and RAW


Episode 1 - Part 1

Episode 1 - Part 2

Episode 2 - Part 1

Episode 2 - Part 2

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