Jul 5, 2010

Angra - new album cover !!!!

Here it is: "Aqua", Angra's 7th full length album cover! Done by brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes.

The record was co-produced by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga (Norcal Studios). The mastering of the album was in charge of Maor Appelbaum Mastering Studios (California, US).

It celebrates the come back of FAB drummer, Ricardo Confessori.  Aqua's  first song will be released July 10th!

Aqua Track List

01. Viderunt Te Aquæ
02. Arising Thunder
03. Awake From Darkness
04. Lease Of Life
05. The Rage Of The Waters
06. Spirit Of The Air
07. Hollow
08. A Monster In Her Eyes
09. Weakness Of A Man
10. Ashes

Release dates

Japan - July 31st
Europe - soon after Japan
Brazil- August 17th
Rest of the world: ????

I'll keep you posted with more details! Love, Susie*

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