Jul 11, 2010

Sirenia - new album!

Speaking of Spain and the World Cup madness!!!!

One of my favorite bands is currently recording their 7th and new album: Sirenia.
They might be from Norway but their -not -so- new anymore - vocalist,  Ailyn, is from Spain.

She was an X-Factor contestant in that country and she kicked hundreds of  girls' asses when the band chose her as their lead singer! =)  I can't wait to hear what they're gonna come up with...

Meanwhile I've picked a couple of videos for you to watch. First: a recent interview from march Next: footage from the spanish X Factor competition... back, way back in the day when Ailyn was a blonde! (No english subs)

Enjoy, love, Susie*

Sirenia HD interview for Search & Destroy webzine

Ailyn on X Factor

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