Aug 31, 2010

Savatage is back! (Sorta)

Yes, according to Top 40 Charts news: "Metal giants Zak Stevens, Jon Olivia and Chris Caffery appear together on a track called 'Claws,' off the upcoming 'Serenity' CD by Rockstar Superstar Project. 'Serenity,' which is the first ever music CD recommended by Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, has taken nearly two years to complete and is almost here, just in time to kick off National Recovery Month 2010.

'My brother and I were and still are HUGE Savatage fans and we thought it was a no-brainer to invite them to participate on this project. 'Savatage is one of those bands that will live on forever in the hearts of metal fans all over the world and what better of a band to perform the heaviest track on the CD?' says Super Star.

 Mr Criss Oliva

'Our goal with the CD is to send a strong message that living a life without drugs and alcohol is the only way to achieve your dreams,' said Rock Star. 'Since we know there are kids who would rather listen to music than read a book, we are using music to reach them in the language they understand."

To listen to the song, visit the Rockstar Superstar Project here!!!

Savatage's timeless guitarrist, Criss Oliva, lost his life on 1993 during a car crash involving a drunk driver. So, please, kids, never drink and drive...
It's nice to see musicians working for a good cause! 
Loves it, babies.

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