Aug 17, 2010

Tony Iommi - "You stole my guitar, bitch!"

Fabulous Mr. Tony Iommi is still looking for his Red Custom Shop Iommi SG. The guitar was stolen during the tribute show "Heaven and Hell" performed at London's High Voltage, on July 24th.

The missing baby / Photo via: Celebrity Rockstar Guitars
According to Gibson Guitars news: "Apparently, somebody thought that the tribute concert would be the perfect occasion to steal the Black Sabbath legend’s Gibson Custom Tony Iommi Signature SG. When Iommi realized that his prized instrument was missing, the guitarist reportedly began contacting different people involved in the performance, thinking that his SG had simply been accidentally packed up by someone else".

Tony and his team are offering a reward to anyone who offers information or any lead about his precious stolen instrument on his messageboard! 

='( Give it back, you who****!!!! 
Shame on you, shame on you . . .

Click here to visit Tony Iommi's Message Board  - you must register first!

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