Sep 21, 2010

Gwar will eat your brain!

Yes, they're having zombies over!

Lovely RooooaaaRRR Gwar is teaming up with Fangoria Entertainment (America's horror do-it-all-) for costume monster boys' new "Zombies, March!"video, according to Metal Blade Records.

-"When I found out we were working with Fangoria on our new video, I immediately sacrificed 50 Norwegian babies on my Burning Altar of Syphilis. This has led to a huge reaction from the undead community(..)We are going for some real variety and everything from fresh abortions to chain-gunned Taliban members will be appearing!", said infernal overlord and Gwar lead singer Oderus Urungus.

For the no doubt disturbing video, Fangoria will be recruiting around 75 zombie extras from the Richmond, Virginia/Washington DC area. Keep checking for more details. "I love working with the undead," said GWAR bass player and sexual sadist Beefcake the Mighty, "as long as the catering is adequate."

Arent' they cute???

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