Sep 27, 2010

Kirk Hammett is writing a book, y'all!!!!

Gibson Guitar news is reporting that Metallica's Kirk Hammett is currently writing a book. It says on an interview conducted by Joe Matera from Ultimate Guitar that axe boy doesn't have plans in a near future to record a solo album. 

"Metallica is my home and I have no intentions of running away from that home. But I am going to put [out] a book, though. I am working on it and that in itself feels like I am making a solo album because it is so much [expletive] work! It is all myself. I don’t have a band I can rely on or seek support. So I think once I do this book thing, maybe I may start considering doing a solo album, but I don’t know”, said Hammett.
En una entrevista con Joe Matera de Ultimate Guitar, el guitarrrista de Metallica reveló que está escribiendo un libro... Mmmmmmm , chúpate esta Dave Mustaine.

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