Sep 8, 2010

New DIO releases!

Wendy Dio told Rolling Stone Magazine that she will be launching Niji Entertainment Group all by herself plus by November 9th the new record label will shock us " when they release the double-disc set Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 and 1987, which collects two vintage performances by Dio's solo group. The '83 performance, Wendy explains, 'was the first appearance in the UK of the Dio band — it's very energetic." .

Niji plans two other releases this year, both on November 23rd: A reissue of Holy Diver , Dio's 1983 solo debut, on 180 gram vinyl; and Bitten by the Beast, an album by Ronnie's cousin, David "Rock" Feinstein. Feinstein played with Dio in Elf, and also in a band called the Rods.

The rock mag tells that" In 2011 the label will release a mammoth 16-album vinyl-or-CD box set, For the Record: The Complete Dio Vinyl Collection, plus The Complete Bootleg Box . ("There are a lot of [performances] from strange places," Wendy says of the Bootleg Box . "It will span over all the years that we have"). Also forthcoming: Elf vinyl reissues, and a DVD release of the import VHS video, Super Rock Japan 1985.

Plus, she's releasing the Dio memoirs, which is a book that the allmighty almost completed before he died. "I'm just going to finish the end parts of it," Wendy explains. "It's actually [intended as] a three-book deal — the memoirs of Ronnie, a book of illustrated lyrics, and a photo book."

Wow! That's a whole bunch of awesomeness...
Are you buying it all?
Mmmmm wonder if the kings of steel felt that bitchslap! Ha-ha -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Watch the lovely video for "Catch the rainbow" at the Dio Memorial Gala in Helsinki in the voice or Mr. Ari Koivunen...

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