Sep 29, 2010

Rob Halford loves Lady Gaga!

Sí, Halford ama a Lady Gaga...

In an interview to MTV News my beloved Halfie said: "She's exactly what we need right now in that area of music" while sharing his love for Lady Gaga. "There has been a vacuum that's been created in that area as the wonderful Saint Madonna has gotten older, and we really need somebody like her to shake things up again", our king said.

The website reports that " Halford said he admires her irreverence, but also her colorful fashion sense ('That costume of meat she wore at the MTV Music Awards was just fantastic'), her outspokenness and her willingness to deliver politically charged messages. He was especially moved by Gaga's speech at a Portland, Maine, rally organized by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network as part of the movement to repeal the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy."

"I love that she believes all people are beautiful, which they are. How dare you call somebody ugly. That's just abhorrent to me. She sends this message out to her fans and the world that's really positive and I just wish her a long life, which is going to be difficult in today's speed-of-light culture", Halfie thinks!!!!!

What do you think about this???

En una entrevista con MTV News, mi amado Rod "Halfie" Halford confesó ser fan de Lady Gaga. (Sí, qué sorpresa, ¿no?) Dijo que la Gagita es "justo lo que necesita la música en estos momentos" y añadió que ella viene a llenar el vacío que ha dejado "Santa Madonna".

También dijo que admiraba su irreverencia y también su colorido estilo al vestir. El traje de carne que ella usó para los VMA de este año para él fue "fantástico". Asimismo, confesó admirar su capacidad para enviar mensajes políticamente cargados.

"Me encanta que crea que todas las personas son hermosas, ¡y lo son! ¿Cómo alguien se puede atrever a llamar a alguien más "fe@"? Eso es una aberración para mí. Ella le manda esa idea positiva a sus fans y a todo el mundo. Le deseo una larga carrera", concluyó.

Via MTV News

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