Oct 7, 2010

Arch Enemy wants to play in INDIA!

Illustration by Avi Spivak

Miss Angela Gossow said...

"I’ve tried playing Guitar Hero a bunch of times, I really suck. Some of the guys in the band have kids, Michael’s daughter plays it every day and she’s quite good. (...) She’s asked us before why we aren’t on it whenever she would advance a level and there would be songs that weren’t really that challenging. But here we are now, and Arch Enemy will be on it (Guitar Hero).

We’re a band that likes to break across boundaries. Recently we were the first heavy-metal band ever to play in the Maldives, which is a very Muslim country and is very small. While we were there we had the government police force with us because around the venue when we played there were protests from various extremist groups. It was awesome, about 3,000 people came to the concert. I didn’t know there were metal fans in the Maldives, but there were quite a lot. (...)

And the whole experience was surreal, we had been to Dubai before, but that is quite different politically and socially. There wasn’t any violence from the protesters, and we only had protection at the show. At the meet-and-greets and during the show people were so excited we were there. People were jumping up and down, singing along. And some people came over from India for the show. We realized when we were in the Maldives that we were actually quite popular in India, so that is our next adventure."

Via Guitar Hero: tales from the warriors of rock

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  1. Please come over to INDIA . We are very eager .


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